A little bit about JOS...

A little bit about JOS

As one of the UK’s first ever Virtual Assistants (really – it’s true), I’ve been supporting businesses on a local, national and even international scale since 1997. The majority of my clients either stay with me long term, or refer me to colleagues, peers and friends alike, ensuring that I get to work with some of the best clients in the world – literally. It’s a strong reputation that I’ve built, and one I work hard to continue living up to.


My background is in finance, sales and marketing, and through personal development in coaching, I’ve combined my skills and expertise to support businesses with office services as a Virtual Assistant. I know what it means to start up, run and develop a business, and so I’m passionate about helping other people do the same.

In addition to being a VA myself, I’ve long been a supporter of other VAs in the industry. In fact, up until 2017, I chaired the International Association of Virtual Assistants – an organisation I co-founded in 1999 to help set benchmarks for quality in the industry and to provide a Code of Conduct and mentoring network for our members. 


Since 2007, I’ve also been invited back each year as a judge at the prestigious national VA Awards, where it’s an honour and a pleasure to recognise such talent, innovation and personality coming through in the industry I’m proud to represent.


When not working hard for my own clients, you can find me championing the work of VAs out on stage at business networks, where I deliver keynote speeches and take part in media appearances. Stay tuned to find out more about the work I’m doing as an advisor to an upcoming documentary series…

You can read a selection of my testimonials HERE, but why should YOU choose J’s Office Services?

I pride myself on three things above everything else in my role. 

I pride myself on the knowledge I have, not just of business, but of the clients I get the good fortune to build relationships with through my work.


I pride myself on the integrity I possess in doing the most efficient job in the most effective way.


I pride myself on the approachability I show to ensure that new clients can come to me with their requirements, existing clients can task me with whatever they need, and YOUR clients can feel at ease in working with me as I represent not only your business, but your brand.


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